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Steps in MAB

In summary, the following steps are a general simplified outline of how MAB might be applied in a breeding program. Keep in mind that these must be adapted to the specific crop and goals of each project. 

  • Assess genetic diversity of germplasm collection with markers
  • Select parents
  • Make crosses, generate segregating populations
  • Apply markers to generate a genetic map
  • Phenotype a segregating population for traits of interest
  • Apply markers to use with phenotype data for QTL discovery/marker-trait correlations (may be done simultaneously as the previous 2 steps)
  • Select key marker-trait correlations of interest
  • Select plants from the segregating population that contain desired alleles for the traits of interest
  • Make new crosses (either to introgress new desirable alleles into commercial lines, make hybrids with other desired properties, get rid of linkage drag, etc.)
  • Continue until new lines are ready for commercial production