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Other criteria

Other criteria may need to be considered in selecting a marker type:

• What marker platforms you have access to or can manage in your laboratory
For example, are agarose, polyacrylamide or sequencing gels available? Various marker types require specific equipment (see references below for more details)

• How many markers you will need
For example, in an initial QTL study (see later section) you may only need a small number of markers distributed across the genome, but for separating linkage drag or fine-mapping a gene, you will need many concentrated in a small part of the genome. The cost per marker may be decreased if many are used.

• If outsourcing is an option
This may be more efficient than doing the work in-house.

For more details, see: De Vicente and Fulton 2004, Dreher et al. 2003, Farooq and Azam 2002a, 2002b