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QTL discovery in barley (1)

A good example of QTL discovery can be seen in von Korff et al. (2008). A wild relative of barley was crossed to a spring barley cultivar, and an advanced backcross population (BC2DH) was generated.

Problem to address: Malting quality is determined by the complex interaction of numerous traits.
Goal: To identify QTL in exotic germplasm for improving malting quality traits.
Method: The advanced-backcross strategy (Tanksley and Nelson 1996) was used.
Germplasm: a BC2DH population of 301 lines was developed from a cross between a spring barley cultivar and a wild barley accession.

Von Korff M, Wang H, Leon J, Pillen K (2008) AB-QTL analysis in spring barley: III. Identification of exotic alleles for the improvement of malting quality in spring barley (H. vulgare ssp. spontaneum). Mol Breeding 21: 81-93