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Some examples of MAB in practice
Genetic diversity in rice (1)

In Ni, Colowit, and Mackill (2002), markers were used to evaluate the genetic diversity of a collection of rice accessions.

Problem to address: To use MAB, knowledge of the genetic diversity within rice subspecies over various genomic regions is important.

Goal: To use markers to evaluate the genetic variation within a diverse collection of rice accessions, to determine differences in the diversity patterns between rice subspecies, to distinguish between accessions, and to reveal the genetic relationships among them.

Method: Using markers, the average number of alleles, the average polymorphism information content (PIC), and average genetic distances were calculated, and the means of these compared by general linear models (GLM).

Ni J, Colowit PM, Mackill DJ (2002) Evaluation of genetic diversity in rice subspecies using microsatellite markers. Crop Science 42: 601-607.