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Pyramiding resistance genes by MAS (1)

In Saghai Maroof et al. 2008, several resistance genes are introgressed together, called pyramiding, or stacking.

Problem to address: Soybean mosaic virus would be better managed by having several resistance genes together in one background, a difficult task in conventional breeding.

Goal: To introgress genes resistant to several strains of SMV into one background, to confer a broader level of resistance.

Method: Isogenic lines each containing a gene resistant to a different strain of SMV were crossed in a pyramiding screen, using MAS for selection.


Saghai Maroof MA, Jeong SC, Gunduz I, Tucker DM, Buss GR, Tolin SA (2008) Pyramiding of soybean mosaic virus resistance genes by marker-assisted selection. Crop Science 48: 517-526.