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Welcome to the CGIAR Generation Challenge Programme’s learning module on genomics and comparative genomics, a joint project between GCP and Cornell University’s Institute for Genomic Diversity.

This module is designed to be used either as basic material for a class setting, or as a self-tutorial. It targets scientists and advanced students with a good background in biology and genetics, an awareness of recombinant DNA technologies (which are implied but not thoroughly discussed here), and at least some knowledge of the structure of DNA and DNA sequencing. The idea is to provide scientists with information which will help them to better understand current research in the field and the implications it may have for them.

To accommodate different backgrounds and needs, the module is organised into four sections:

1. About genomics and getting started
2. Genomics: Basic concepts
3. Methodologies and computation: Tools of comparative genomics
4. Applications and discoveries

By design, the topics are not limitied to scientific concepts but also include an understanding of the historical context and implications.

For more details on the four sections above and how the entire module is structured, please see the About section.