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Version 3.0 of IBP’s Breeding Management System now available

October 2, 2014

Now with the complete suite: lists, nurseries and trials streamlined in a same browser-based interface.

The IBP released a robust version of the Breeding Management System (BMS) in September, with significant improvements to core applications and exciting new functionality. It is an all-round performing solution that breeders can seriously start deploying and using throughout all steps of their breeding programmes.

Highlights of version 3.0 consist of:

  • a simplified installation process;
  • completely redesigned FieldBook tools that are now browser-based;
  • the introduction of seed inventory management features;
  • the ability to move seamlessly between the Trial Manager, List Manager and Nursery Manager, all browser-based;
  • a range of improvements to existing tools, such as more flexibility in managing list and entries, improved germplasm import processes, more options for analytical and statistical reporting, and refinements to the user interface.

“A lot of functionality has been added that will make life easier for the breeder. The major thing they will notice in version 3 is that it’s easier and faster to manage their trials; the Trial Manager has been completely reengineered to fit into the same technology and browser-based interface as the rest of the tools. It is considerably faster at saving and retrieving data than the previous version”, comments Graham McLaren, GCP Leader of Crop Information Systems.

This version comes out just as Phase I of the IBP is concluding, the result of 5 years of intense development involving many collaborators across CGIAR Centres as well as formal partnerships with professional software design companies, Leafnode (formerly Efficio) and VSN International. The next release is projected for Spring of 2015 and will focus on making the BMS ready for institution-wide deployments and a solution applicable anywhere from small workgroups to large-scale operations.

“It’s certainly more efficient than it was, it’s easier to learn, it’s quicker and it’s an evolution. We’ve learned a lot since version 1; hopefully you’ll find it’s a lot better now!” concludes Mr McLaren. 


Version 3.0 is now available on the IBP portal at:

Please send in any comments or queries directly to the IBP Team at

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