"The Breeding Management System (BMS) makes life easier for breeders: there's an application to help them at every step and they're all in one place."
- Graham McLaren, Deployment Manager

For Public Institutions

"This integrated breeding system helps in making plant breeding an easier and shorter process. It has been instrumental in making us become all-rounded breeders and more efficient in bringing products to end-users, i.e. farmers and families."
–Lilian Njeri Gichuru,
​maize breeder

For your Business

"BMS is an accessible solution that brings simplification as well as transparency into breeding processes. It will help businesses make the most of their investment in breeding projects and bring better varieties to their clients."
  –Donghui Ma, CEO,
VSN China

For Universities

"The BMS tools will be very useful for lecturers as a complement to their curriculum. It will let us have impact on our students by teaching them how to use technology to improve breeding."  
  - Dr Joseph Orluchukwu,

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*some fee will apply if used for commercial activities


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