• access to data
  • data management
  • trait dictionaries


  • improved germplasm
  • tools
  • services

capacity BUILDING

  • learning & development
  • support services
  • information & resources


  • shared solutions
  • communities of practice
  • knowledge sharing

The Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP) is a web-based solution for crop breeders, where registered users can access purpose-built tools to manage their plant breeding projects, obtain support and consulting services, find new knowledge, access training resources and discuss pertinent issues with their peers in various communities of practice.

Registration is free! Registered users gain access to these features:

Tools and Services
  • Breeding Management System
  • Third-Party Tools
  • Plant Breeding Services
  • Online Support Services
  • Help Desk
Crop Resources
  • Crop Databases
  • Crop Ontology
  • Trait Dictionaries
  • Markers and Germplasm
  • Genomics Resources
  • Peer Communities
More knowledge
  • Training Activities
  • Learning resources
  • Multi-Sector Capacity Building
  • Fellowships and Funding
  • Publications Library

Get a quick view of some of the Breeding Management System's core functionalities:

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