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The Product Catalogue is an evolving  compilation of  a diverse array of  products derived from tangible outputs of projects supported in whole or in part by the CGIAR Generation Challenge Programme.  As projects mature, more products are added. Products are listed under the specific project crop or ‘Global’.   Under each crop, you will find diverse types of products, such as  germplasm, markers, genomics resources and informatics applications.  ‘Global’ includes products  applicable to several or all crops and generally includes informatics tools and learning materials. We consider all catalogued products as useful. However, our user base is highly varied and includes upstream as well as downstream plant scientists. Not all products will be of direct interest to breeders. Consequently, a BUL (Breeding Use Level) rating has been provided to indicate the direct usefulness of products to breeders:

Breeding Use Levels
1 Ready to use for breeding
 (I.e. predictive markers, germplasm of acceptable agronomic type containing a well-defined and characterized trait, and etc.).
2 Qualified use for breeding
 (i.e germplasm in which trait genetics have not been well defined or markers that may be informative but not necessarily predictive).
3 Indirectly useful for breeding
 (i.e. genomic resources from which downstream products for breeding are developed and many informatics applications).
4 Not developed for breeding, per se
 (i.e. miscellaneous information as socio-economic reports).

How to use this table:

  • With the exception of BUL, you can sort by column by clicking on the title of each column
  • You can search for any term, word, or keyword by typing it into the search box above the table
  • You can export data by clicking on the CSV link above the table

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Product Number G6007.03
Product Disease and insect resistant common bean breeding lines.
Crop/Area Beans
Type Germplasm
Description • Various nurseries have been assembled for resistance to BCMNV(), bruchid (100 lines), CBB (36), ALS(5), root rots pythium (43) , BSM (50), which are shared among partners to select locally adapted material • Parental source nurseries supply breeders with options for specific genes in different genetic backgrounds. A broadbased nursery permits the breeder to select a source of gene that best serves the improvement of a specific grain class, or with local adaptation. The nurseries that have been developed include genes for which molecular markers are available, that is, for BCMNV (the bc-3 gene), bruchid resistance (arcelin), common bacterial blight (SU91 and SAP6), and thus are a tool in the implementation of marker assisted selection.
Current Use Deployment of biotic stress resistances in advanced breeding lines.
Access Lines are avaliable through CIAT offices in Colombia, Uganda or Malawi. Seed is limited; Tropical Legume project partners are first priority.
UL 2

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